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Fuel D Love is a youth service organization established in 2018.  We dedicated to providing social services in Hong Kong through the organization of different activities and seminars, to fuel youth with positive energy and good health awareness.


Hong Kong is presently the city having the world's highest life expectancy. However, we understand that stressful urban environment and bad living habits in this concrete jungle are making pressure both mentally and physically to our daily lives, especially to our youth.


“Children are the hope for a better future!”


Fuel D Love serves as a platform that spreads love and care. We support the Youth to have better health and to encourage them in creating endless possibilities in the hope of building a better future for Hong Kong. 

Value inherited     心 ‧ 傳承

Youth in Hong Kong are facing enormous pressures and challenges; particularly to achieve success at school to satisfy their parents, teachers and their own expectations. They also struggle with and need to overcome uncertainty in future development.


Fuel D Love inherits the “Spirit of Lion Rock” - helping each other out in adversity regardless of their race, age and gender.  We believe that our activities, whereby professionals from different sectors and health centers, can deliver the positive values and healthcare knowledge to our youth as well as share the pressure side by side on their growth.

Love sharing     愛.分享

In order to live a healthy life, it is necessary to mange the daily routine, eating habits and being aware of mental health. We know that “Health is wealth”. We all treasure the good health of our generation. 


 “Fuel D Love” as an effective linkage between professionals / health centers and schools help to transfer prompt suggestion, methods and healthy life living experiences to the youth.

Fuel with Love   加.點愛

Everyone’s life is like a book of autobiography filling with infinite possibilities. Having good health would obviously enrich the content by allowing you to pursuit your dreams and to have life exploration.


Professionals and successful people generally have experienced ups and downs in lives. Their stories/ experience on stress management and building a successful path are invaluable to everyone. Let their sharing be the gift of love to fuel our youth to the road of success.

‘We fill with Love, We fuel with Love!”


As “Children are the hope for a better future!” We aim to create linkage in society plus building up positive energy and promoting healthy development for youngsters


(852) 6385 2521

Rm 1608, 16/F, Apec Plaza, 49 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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