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Fuel D Love devotes to connect the enthusiasts of different social strata. By guiding and cheering up our youngsters, we aim to inaugurate a Delightful and Love sharing platform.

“How Stress out is Hong Kong”? Not only affecting the adults, but also influencing younsters - the “future pillars” of society who are struggling for the enormous pressure in education and the uncertainty in society plus striving for nobility. We hope to fill them up with positive, cheering and motivating energy.

In addition, lots of philanthropists and entrepreneurs passionate to nourish the youngsters with their substantial experiences, treasonable core values and the key to success. All of these are the precious legacies.

We build this sharing platform with hope and love. By means of seminars, workshops and counselling services, we intend to inherit through adhering professional enthusiasts to furnish our youngsters with optimistic and prosperous values.




  • Free of charges / honorarium

    • Inheriting the valuable experience from Entrepreneur

    • Life goal positioning /Pursuit of dream

    • Platforms to Sharing Love / Meaning of life

    • Development of own satisfaction and value of existence


Extended Services

  • Workshops / Internships/ activities:

    • Stress Tackling / Relieving

    • Positive Thinking

    • Working/placement experience

    • Counselling services towards in needs (parents/ teachers)

‘We fill with Love, We fuel with Love!”

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As “Children are the hope for a better future!” We aim to create linkage in society plus building up positive energy and promoting healthy development for youngsters

(852) 6385 2521

Rm 1608, 16/F, Apec Plaza, 49 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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